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What does networking mean to you?

Posted in Articles by winofmacomb on June 22, 2011

I think most people have a misconception about what networking really is.  Some feel going to several networking events handing out as many cards as you can and recooperating for the next event is what it’s about.  Then there are those that join several networking groups, whether they be hard contact groups, social groups, professional groups, etc and getting people to know, like and hopefully trust you to gain their business.  But those that feel that’s correct are missing the boat.

Networking is all about building relationships.  If you belong to several networking groups or are attending several events how are you possibly going to find the time to, not only still run your business, but build relationships with all of those people?  It’s best to stick with 1 or maybe 2 networking groups and really netWORK.  This process takes time and work.   Your network of people are really your salesforce.  You will need to work and train them so that they know what to look for in order to pass you good quality referrals.  If you have several areas of your business focus on one part until they can understand fully what that product/service is about and can send you referrals for that specific area of your business.  And no matter what, don’t just sit back and wait for referrals to come to you.  Go out and pass some to others.  I promise the more you help others the more they will be willing to help you.



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