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Thursday, November 17th Women In Networking will be holding a Ladies Night Out…Shopping For a Purpose to help raise money for the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan.  For complete details including vendor info please visit www.winofmacomb.com


Why You Should Network

Posted in Articles by winofmacomb on June 3, 2009
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Networking is the one of the most effective inexpensive advertising out there.  By networking with other like minded business professionals you begin to build a relationship which can lead to 250 new relations and more.  This form of advertising is not something that is easy nor something that comes over night.  People will do business with those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.  As you get to “know” the person you will begin to build a relationship and hopefully they will like you.  Once a bond is formed they will soon begin to trust you and send business to you.  This process varies on your type of business.  Those businesses that are product based tend to get referrals faster than those with service based businesses and either way can take up to 12-18 months to pay off. 

Why it is important to network with a diverse networking group

There are two types of businesses-Brick and Mortar, those with a public building/store and those that are home based (aka Direct Sellers, Network Marketers).  Did you know that it is EXTREMELY beneficial to network with both? 

 Brick and Mortar:  These types of businesses have several people walking through their doors everyday.  With their permission, you could display your flyer/brochure/business cards/catalogs for their potential clients to see and perhaps even pass along to their friends/family.  This is in addition to the people that owner may already know.

 Direct Sellers/Network Marketers:  These types of business people go into several new homes a week.  Lets take for example that Susie has 3 home shows booked for this week and her show attendance averages 15-20 people, 3 x 15-20 = 30-60 new people each week.  This is in addition to the people that Susie already knows. 

 So come check out Women In Networking and see what we have to offer you. 

 Roseville Chapter:  Meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

Location:  Denny’s Restaurant

                 31831 Gratiot         

Time:  Networking begins at 8:30am

            The meeting starts at 9am until 10am

Utica Chapter:  Meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

Location:  Biggby Coffee

     8771 Hall Road

Time:  Networking begins at 6:30pm

           The meeting starts at 7pm until 8pm

You can also visit us on the web at www.winofmacomb.com


Ever buy a new car and then realize you and about 20 million other people have the same car or even the same color (and you thought you’d picked something not many others would pick)?  That’s how I feel about women’s expo’s.  It seems like every group is doing them now and is starting to get a little saturated.  As long as they are spread out throughout the year it’s not so bad, but when you have several in one month it’s time for a change.  Have you ever attended one of these expos?  What did you think? Was it worth going to?  Give me your opinon by clicking on comment below.  I’d love to take that into consideration for next year.  In the mean time, don’t forget to visit Women In Networkings expo on Sunday September 21st from 11am-4pm at the Best Western Concorde Inn in Clinton Township.  Meet Paula Tutman from Channel 4 News!  For complete details and to preregister to be entered to win a gift basket visit www.winofmacomb.com.